iConquerMS™ is proud to partner with Smart Patients, an online community for patients and caregivers affected by multiple sclerosis. iConquerMS™ is nonprofit and collaborates with leading MS advocacy organizations, researchers and clinicians. Through iConquerMS™, people with multiple sclerosis shape and drive a new kind of research that is led and informed by those living with multiple sclerosis, suggest research topics of importance to them, and to provide their feedback on research studies. Through the iConquerMS™ portal, those with multiple sclerosis (MS) can safely and securely contribute their health information, providing researchers with the data they need to identify patterns and insights. This data may help uncover the causes of MS, who will respond best to various treatments, and new approaches to improved therapies.

The online peer-to-peer support of the Smart Patients Multiple Sclerosis Community complements the work of iConquerMS™ and the iConquerMS™ portal by creating a network of patients and their care partners who can share information and support with each other.

Join Smart Patients, ask a question, and get help and advice from families who are affected by multiple sclerosis.

  • Learn from other patients.

    Patients often become extraordinarily knowledgeable about their disease. You can, too.
    Rachel, smart patient
  • Research the latest treatments.

    Understand how advances in personalized medicine can mean better treatment and fewer side effects.
    Yolanda, smart patient
  • Share your story.

    Stories about living with illness deliver hope and inspiration. Share your own story.
    Linda, smart patient
  • Find clinical trials.

    If there’s a clinical trial for you, we’ll help you find it.
    Franck and Carol, smart patients