The Amyloidosis Foundation (AF) is proud to partner with Smart Patients, an online community for patients and caregivers. The mission of the AF is to raise awareness in the medical field for an earlier diagnosis, to champion research initiatives and to educate and empower patients. The support of the Smart Patients community complements the extensive information and support programs of the AF, which include their newsletters, webinars and brochures. Visit the Amyloidosis Foundation website today to access these resources. You can also call the foundation anytime at this toll-free number: 877-AMYLOID or 877-269-5643.

Smart Patients was designed to extend the reach of these kinds of resources to an even broader group of patients who can learn from each other about treatments, the latest science, and how it all fits into the context of their unique experience.

Staff from the Amyloidosis Foundation will occasionally participate in some of the exchanges. However, since this is an open forum, we cannot assume any responsibility for the content of the messages in this community. You should always verify any medical information with your physician. You should always discuss any potential actions with your physician. This includes things that might appear inconsequential, such as changes in diet, complementary medicine, nutritional supplements, or exercise programs.

Join the Smart Patients amyloidosis community today - ask a question, and support others who can learn from you.

  • Learn from other patients.

    Patients often become extraordinarily knowledgeable about their disease. You can, too.
    Clare, smart patient
  • Research the latest treatments.

    Understand how advances in personalized medicine can mean better treatment and fewer side effects.
    Franck and Carol, smart patients
  • Share your story.

    Stories about living with illness deliver hope and inspiration. Share your own story.
    Chanda, smart patient
  • Find clinical trials.

    If there’s a clinical trial for you, we’ll help you find it.
    Allen, smart patient