About Smart Patients

Smart Patients is an online community for patients and families affected by a variety of illnesses. Here you can learn at your own level about scientific developments related to your condition, share your questions and concerns with other members, and use what you learn in the context of your own life.

We believe patients are the most underutilized resource in healthcare. We've watched patients become experts in their conditions — and we see that their knowledge improves the care they receive. With the right tools, you and other patients can do the same.


Smart Patients was founded by Gilles Frydman and Roni Zeiger. Gilles has been a pioneer of online health communities since founding the Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR) in 1995. Roni is the former Chief Health Strategist at Google, is a part time urgent care doctor, and has been building health software for the last 10 years. Both believe that the next tipping point in medicine includes tapping into the knowledge created by networks of engaged patients.

Roni Zeiger and Gilles Frydman - Smart Patients Co-Founders


Learn from conversations about your condition, complications you are facing, and treatments you are taking or considering.

Screenshot of Smart Patients conversation forum
Screenshot of Smart Patients conversation forum

Clinical Trials

Many treatment options, especially for cancer, are available only through clinical trials. Use our built-in clinical trial search engine to find trials, track the ones you’re interested in, and discuss them with the community.

Screenshot of Smart Patients clinical trial search engine
Screenshot of Smart Patients clinical trial search engine

Rock Health

We were fortunate to go through the Rock Health startup program and continue to learn from their network and partners.

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